The rapid rat-race for white-collar jobs, has been responsible for frustration amongst rural youth besides economic imbalance in rural areas and loss of traditional skills. In order to combat these evils, the youths of this underprivileged segment need some sort of orientation in the modern techniques of farming, craft etc. so as to establish themselves in meaningful manner. With this end in view, R.O.I. was set up. Our job is to show the angry generation the path to respectability & profitability. We want to tame them not by bullets & bayonets, but by love & affection. We are supplementing the activities of the Govt. to achieve the common goal.

We are striving hard with our limited resources to achieve the goals slowly but steadily. Since September, 1994, we have completed 14 years of successful existence, through our untiring efforts and philanthropic help rendered by many eminent citizen of this district.

Our various activities are directed towards the welfare of society, particularly the rural segment. So far, we have given vocational training to about 5300 persons, mostly unemployed. In the field of agro-based trades, we have imparted training in the fields of Poultry Farming, Dairy Farming, Mushroom Cultivation, Pisciculture, Power Tiller Operation, Horticulture, Honey production, Fruit preservation etc. In non agril sector we have imparted training in Bamboo Crafts, Electrician, Tailoring, Embroidiary etc. No country can provide jobs to all its people. So we intend to make our trainees self-employed and this is the new approach in rural development that we at R.O.I. are seeking to achieve. We have also guided a good number of educated unemployed youths in the field of tiny and cottage industries through Govt. sponsored scheme of PMRY and TRYSEM. We are also conducting a course on Tea Plantation and Processing Management and till date 29 person successfully completed the course and are employed / self employed. We have also organised three short training programmes on Total Quality Management at our Institute under the guidance of an NRI Mr. Himu Gupta and Prof. S.K.Ghose of Jadavpur University. We have also set up a computer unit to train up poorer sections of rural areas at low cost. The installation of this programme was aided by Sri S.M. Dev, M.P. from his MPLADS fund.

About Hundred Faculty Members from various disciplines and a set of officials of the Institute are rendering dedicated services to uplift the rural socio-economic scenario of the region. Experienced & tested persons like Dr. A.S. Baisya, Shri A.K. Endow, Dr. G.K. Das, Shri H.B. Roy, Dr. S. Nath, Dr. N.N.Saha, Dr. P.R. Nath, Dr. Rajib Kar, Sri P.S. Bhattacharjee, Sri Harakanta Nath & others came to associate themselves with the selfless efforts of R.O.I. They have been rendering their dedicated services to this Institution.